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When choosing your senior photographer, you should look for a photographer that is fun and creates portraits that you love.  At Franklin Photography Studio we believe high school senior portrait sessions should be fun and all about you! Franklin Photography is a Spokane based Photography company dedicated to creating unique and fun senior portraits.  It's my goal to create portraits that capture your personality all while having a blast during the photo session. I also want to get to know my senior clients before their session so I can discover, what are your hobbies and passions are so we can include them within your session.

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The senior portrait session includes:

  • Complimentary in-person consultation to talk about wardrobe, locations and any ideas that you have for your senior pictures.
  • You will have the option to have your senior photos taken in our North Spokane Studio, outdoors or a combination of both.
  • For each location, you will receive 1.5 hours of fine photography.
  • We encourage our High School Seniors to bring as many wardrobe changes as they want.
  • Your senior pictures are about you! So you can bring your pets, car, bike, musical instruments, costumes. Anything you like!
  • Approximately two weeks after your senior photos are taken, you will be invited into the studio to view your senior portraits and make any purchases.  Franklin Photography Studio offers digital files, prints, and several high school senior photo packages.
  • Franklin Photography will also deliver a professionally retouched portrait from your photos session to your high school with the correct size and resolution for your yearbook.

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Senior photography Spokane, WA

Spokane senior photographer, Mike Franklin, creates fun and modern senior pictures.

At Franklin Photography Studio I know you have many options when choosing your senior portrait photographer.  I would appreciate to opportunity to be your photographer.  Your only this age once, and you deserve to have professional senior pictures that you are proud of.  When choosing your photographer you should consider the following:

How the photographer adds style to your senior photos

Most people do not realize that us photographers spend much more time editing portraits than taking them.  Really a photographers style is apparent in their post results (how they edit your pictures).  My approach is to slightly pop the colors while keeping natural skin tones.  I believe over editing your pictures will cause them to become dated quickly.

How the photographer handles retouching  

The fact is, we all don't have porcelain skin.  Acne is a part of most high school senior life's.  How your photographer handles retouching your skin will determine a big part of how your final images will look.  From a business standpoint studios can approach skin retouching in one of two ways.  The first is to run your senior portrait through software that finds your eyes and nose and then blurs your skin to remove any acne.  This is a quick way to edit a bunch of photos at once, but I feel it leaves your skin looking like plastic and not what the best you could look in your photos.  The second option is to open each file in Photoshop and hand-edit your senior photos.  I personally choose the second option which is much more time consuming but produces beautiful images that you will love.  Below is an example of our retouching.

Franklin Photography_Skin retouching

The product the photographer chooses

As a professional photographer, I have so many options when it comes to what I can offer my clients.  I have chosen to use products that will last you a lifetime.  The albums I offer my high school senior clients are the same quality and build as what I offer my wedding clients.  Also, our prints are printed at a professional print lab on archival paper.  I really want to provide my clients with quality products that will stand the test of time.  It's my hope that you will be handling your senior pictures to your children and grandchildren someday.

The personality of your Photographer

I feel that having a consultation with your photographer before your senior photo session is crucial to having great senior photos.  This is the time in which you get to know your photographer and decide if you like their personality.  Do they have the ability to make you feel comfortable and do you feel confident in their ability to create beautiful imagery?  Also, do they have an interest in what you want?  These are your senior pictures you should be able to have input on what they look like.

I'm looking forward to being your photographer, please send me a message using my contact Franklin Photography page!


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