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Mike Franklin Portrait Photographer

Hey everyone welcome and thank you for checking out Franklin photography.  I’m Mike Franklin, a family man, business owner, and professional portrait photographer who loves to laugh. I have been photographing weddings, high school seniors, families, and business professionals for more than a decade. 


What’s unique about working with me is that I love to work with people and making them smile. I enjoy the challenge of the dad who hates the yearly photoshoot or the kids who meltdown during the photoshoot or the person who feels awkward in front of the camera.      


 The challenge of taking everyday people who hate being photographed and making them feel relaxed and confident by using humor and laughter is what I have a passion for.


I’m a huge proponent of documenting the special moments in our lives.  Memories are kind of funny they slowly slip away, but with one glance at the right portrait, all your memories come flooding back.


If you’re looking to work with a down-to-earth, fun photographer with a passion for making you look amazing.  Then I would love to connect with you to brainstorm a few ideas and create a session that you’ll love.