Spokane WA Photographer

Spokane Photographer

Mike Franklin

Hello!  I'm Mike Franklin.  A professional photographer located in Spokane WA.  I started my journey into photography over a decade ago.  Like most photographers, I started by photographing pretty things like sunsets and flowers.  As time went on,  I was drawn to the technical side of photography.  There was so much to learn.  I found myself every day after work at the bookstore reading about photography.

Once I became proficient behind the camera I learned I loved photographing people.  It took me a very long time to really master the basic of posing, lighting and working with people.  Now I pride myself on the ability to work with anyone and create a portrait that they love.

Fast forward to today and I operate and own a full-time photography studio.   I specialize in four areas of portraiture.  Wedding photography, Senior Portraits, Family Photos and Professional Headshots.  Each type of photography is different in its own way but they all require a great understanding of the basics.

My goal when I opened Franklin Photography Studio was to provide an amazing experience for my clients.  In an age where everyone owns a digital camera, it was becoming harder to find good photographers.  I have worked hard to provide my clients with imagery they love and quality products to display them upon.  My belief is that everyone deserves a great portrait they are proud to hang on their wall.



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