Senior Photos with Franklin Photography

Senior Photos are a big deal and we here at Franklin Photography believe they should be treated as such.  The first thing we recommend our clients do is look at our Senior Portrait Page and make sure you love our style of photographing.  Next, contact us and set up a time for a consultation.  At the consultation, we will talk about what to wear during your photo session and discuss the location of your shoot.  Once we have discussed all the options we will schedule your senior photos session.  About two weeks after your session we will contact you and set up a time for you to view and purchase your photos.  Please review our Senior Photo Packages before your sales session because this will be the time you are ordering your senior photos.  Once you arrive for your viewing session, we will start by sitting down and watching a slideshow of the top selected photos from your session.  After the slideshow, we will then look at each image individually and decide if you like it, love it, or could live without it.  By the end, we should have a pile of portraits that you really love.  The final portraits that you selected will then be retouched so you look you’re very best and then sent out to be printed at a professional print lab.  I have attached a few images from a recent session so you have examples of our senior photo work.  This young lady chooses to have her portraits taken at the Bing Theater as she loved to dance and wanted a way to show that off in her photos.  She also loves the outdoors, so after the Bing Theater, we headed over to one of Spokane’s many beautiful parks to finish the shoot.   I hope you enjoy the photos, as we at Franklin Photography strive to create portraits that are unique and fun to you.

Senior Photos spokane WA Girl-3 Senior Photos spokane WA Girl-5 Senior Photos spokane WA Girl-6 Senior Photos spokane WA Girl-8 Senior Photos spokane WA Girl-9 Senior Photos spokane WA Girl-16 Senior Photos spokane WA Girl-24 Senior Photos spokane WA Girl-26 Senior Photos spokane WA Girl

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